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Acquiring Fine Arts & Antiques is the ultimate way of being GREEN and it
 is a fancy way to recycle as you decorate your home with beautiful things” 
Claudio Boltiansky

For over thirty years we have been famous for our collection of old European artifacts and Colonial furniture accumulated over the years from private collections found in some of the finest homes all over India. Now we have created our website to serve as a glimpse in to our enormous showroom of antiques in Delhi, where we house our inventory of marvelous European antiques and old colonial furniture- bookcases, dining tables, chairs, clocks, centre tables, chests, display cabinets, mirror, chandeliers, porcelain figures, glass items, marble statues, period carpets, lithographs, camera photographs.

Old channel was founded in 1990’s with an immense, appreciation and assemblage of fine European antiques. Fueled by the desire to educate and enlighten others about meaningful and mysterious culture through the work of skilled artisans. Our knowledge, expertise, and direct access of acquiring European antiques provide designers, decorators, architects, contractors and collectors with a broad range of stylish and tasteful European pieces. Many antique items have a fascinating and unique story to tell and the journey of discovery is where the passion and energy lie.

About Antiques
Antique defines as “a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period, and according to many customs laws, at least 100 years ago” More.....
Antiques Fakes & Forgeries
Reproductions and how to detect restoration when buying antiques.
Firstly, reproductions ha More.....
Caring for Antiques
When caring for antiques, we are caring for some of our most delicate possessions, More.....
Chinese Porcelain
Porcelain, also called 'fine china', featuring its delicate texture, pleasing color, and refined sculpture, has been one of the earliest artworks introduced to the western world through the Silk Road Chinese porcelain has been greatly More.....
Indian Miniature Paintings
Indian miniature paintings are renowned worldwide for their beauty, finesse and impeccable detailing. The history of Indian Miniature Paintings can be traced to the 6-7th century AD, the time, More.....
Lure of Antiques
The Antiques market is known to be a volatile one, depending very much for its rise and falls on money markets, currency rates, More.....
Periods & Styles
List of various period and styles of Antiques More.....

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